From 1996 till now

Over the years we have tried to keep our delivery scheme as simple as possible. We have kept our prices as low as we can while aiming to supply good quality local and fresh produce. In 2008 we moved to Holly Croft in Winscombe, where we grow organic vegetables and some fruit in our 2 acre field. Holly Croft has been farmed organically  since the 1970s. The rest of the produce that goes into our bags comes from growers and suppliers who are registered with and inspected by one of the recognized organic sector bodies.

Our Ethos

In growing our crops we try to enhance the health of the ecosystem as a whole.  We rely on crop rotations (including the growing of nitrogen fixing green manures such as clover), natural composts and low intensity soil management to maintain the fertility of our land.  We strongly believe in the ethos behind the Soil Association of sustainably enriching the soil in order to grow healthy crops.